1. "Most of us ask for advice when we know the answer but we want a different one."
    — Ivern Ball (via youlooklikesomethingblooming)

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  2. aleyma:

    Mixtec or Zapotec culture of Mexico, Skull with mosaic inlay, 1400-1521 (source).


  3. "When language is treated beautifully and interestingly, it can feel good for the body: It’s nourishing, it’s rejuvenating."

    Aimee Bender discusses the benefits and thrills of memorizing poetry. Relevant for actors.



  4. "I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes."
    — Vladimir Nabokov (via mythologyofblue)

  5. "And tonight our skin, our bones,
    that have survived our fathers,
    will meet, delicate in the hold,
    fastened together in an intricate lock.
    Then one of us will shout,
    “My need is more desperate!” and
    I will eat you slowly with kisses
    even though the killer in you
    has gotten out."
    — Anne Sexton, “Loving the Killer,” from Love Poems (via petrichour)

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  6. "Taught from their infancy that beauty is woman’s sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison."

    Mary Wollstonecraft, "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) 

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  8. Explaining what life in your 20’s is like:

  9. free-parking:

    Gustav Klimt, MedicineJurisprudence, and Philosophy (1900-1907). The works were destroyed in 1945 by German SS forces.

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  10. lukewinter-inspirations:

    Felix Vallotton, Naked Women Two Cats, 1898.

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